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Tanganyikan Cichlids

Petrochromis is a small genus of seven formally described cichlid species, and at least 7 undescribed species, all endemic to lake Tanganyika in east Africa.

This species is listed under the Malawi Cichlid Photo Index

Petrochromis Blue Sulphur

Petrochromis Bulu Point

Petrochromis Ephippium Golden Moshi

Petrochromis Blue Giant

Petrochromis Fasciolatus Ikola

Petrochromis Famula Cape Mpimbwe

Petrochromis Famula Red Fin

Petrochromis Famula Silver

Petrochromis Famula Mtosi

Petrochromis Famula Kipili

Petrochromis Gold

Petrochromis Ikola

Petrochromis Ikola Ikola

Petrochromis Ikola Cape Mpimbwe

Petrochromis Kala

Petrochromis Kasumbe Orange Halembe

Petrochromis Kasumbe Orange Kabogo

Petrochromis Kasumbe Rainbow Mkinga

Petrochromis Macrognathus

Petrochromis Milomo

Petrochromis Polyodon Zongwe

Petrochromis Red Bulupoint

Petrochromis Red Mpimbwe

Petrochromis Silver Congo

Petrochromis Texas Blue

Petrochromis Texas Green

Petrochromis Texas Neon

Petrochromis Texas Red Fin

Petrochromis Texas Red Fin Congo

Petrochromis Trewavasae

Petrochromis Tricolor

Petrochromis Species Kasumbe Rainbow

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