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Links & Shops

Classifieds - UK only Aquarist Classified Adverts - There are thousands of fishkeeping adverts to browse through. Whatever type of fish you are interested in, you will find them here at Aquarist Classifieds.

Midlands Malawis - Midlands Malawis are hobbiest breeders of Malawi Cichlids based in Nottingham(UK). - Buy and sell fish online.

Pier Aquatics - in Wigan, Lancashire offers excellent advice, clean tanks, healthy fish and very reasonable prices. They house a very large selection of Cold, Tropical and Marine Fish amongst others like Stingrays and rare Catfish. They also have an excellent selection of imported Malawi Cichlids, which sometimes include those rare and hard to find genus.

Aquatics to your Door - We are able to offer you the very best online selection of tropical fish, saltwater fish.

Mike's Rifts - Mike's Rifts specialises in the import and sale of wild caught and tank bred african cichlids from Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. We stock the largest selection of African Rift Valley Cichlids in the UK.

Tonys African Cichlids - We currently have 100+ tanks of stock and specialise in breeding Aulonocara (Peacocks) and produce some of our own selectively bred red peacocks including "firefish", "eureka" and "OB fire's". We also breed many other species of cichlid from both Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria.

Aquatics Warehouse - Aquarium supplies, pond liners, pumps, filters for pond supplies, marine and equipment. Butyl Pond Liner, all supplies at low low prices.

Aquarama - We are based at Aquarama House, Aquarama, 40 Bedford Street, Barrowford, Nelson, Lancs, BB9 6DA.

Tropical Fish Finder - Tropical fish finder provides two information services.

Loaches On Line - The best source for information on loaches.

Planet Catfish - The biggest catfish reference site available.

The Cichlid Room Companion - Center for information about Cichlidae.

Cichlid Forum - With over 280 illustrated cichlid articles, 3,000 photos, 60,000 members, and millions of hits a week this is truly the Internet's largest and most popular cichlid resource.

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