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This website was first published in February 2002 under but as of February 2010 all of the copyrighted content from changed to In November 2021 changed to which now owns and hosts all the above copyrighted content. Even though and no longer hosts websites ( will cease soon), they will both remain active and farward here to

All written content is copyrighted unless otherwise stated. A small selection of photographs are copyrighted to but may show copyright to, or

Some of the photographs displayed in the photo index have an unknown copyright. If one or more of these photographs belongs to you please contact me with the name of the photograph(s) and your copyright details or you can ask that the photograph be removed. Nearly all of the photographs in the photo index are "Reproduced by Permission" except a small handful as mentioned above. The photographs in the index have not been modified in any way nor has the identification of the fish. If you would like to use any of the material on this website please make sure that you first get full permission from the copyright owner. If you use any material with an unknown copyright you do so at your own risk. To find out more information about copyright and your rights you can visit,


I would like to thank the following for their contribution to this website.

Ad Konings and Cichlid Press - For providing alot of malawi cichlid photographs for the photo index.

Cichlid Recipe ( - For providing alot of malawi cichlid pictures for the index.

Fishes of Lake Malawi - Dr. M.K. Oliver of - For giving permission to use some of his photographs of malawi cichlids.

Armke - For providing a lot of malawi cichlid pictures for the index. (unavailable)

African Diving LTD ( - For providing a lot of malawi cichlid pictures for the index.

Malawicarsten - For providing alot of malawi cichlid pictures for the index.

G.F.Turner Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity, Dept of Biological Sciences University of Hull, UK - For providing some of the excellent photographs and text found on our website.

Rock Dwelling Cichlids from Lake Malawi and the Lake Victorian Basin For allowing me to use their malawi photographs. (unavailable)

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