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Cichlids From Africa

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Malawi Cichlids  - [1,581]

Malawi Cichlids are from the African Lake Malawi. This lake is home to nearly 500 species of Cichlids. Most of these are extremely colorful and look fantastic in an aquarium display. These fish are territorial and often get quite aggressive. The two main Genus are the Haplochromis and Mbuna.

Tanganyikan Cichlids - [0]

The lake holds at least 250 species of Cichlid fish and 150 non-cichlid species, most of which live along the shoreline down to a depth of approximately 180 metres (590 ft). Many species of Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika are popular fish among aquarium owners due to their bright colors. Recreating a Lake Tanganyika biotope to host those cichlids in an habitat similar to their natural environment is also popular in the aquarium hobby.

Victorian Cichlids - [0]

At one time it was estimated that Lake Victoria was home to in excess of 400 different Cichlid species. That number is now down to 200 or less species due in part to the introduction of Nile Perch and other problems being encountered at the lake. Of the remaining species many are critically endangered while others are headed in that direction.


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