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Sciaenochromis Spilostichus Kande

Maravichromis Kande, Mylochromis Kande

Like all cichlids from Lake Malawi, they are best maintained in hard, alkaline water. Sciaenochromis are best kept in tanks with volumes greater than 210 l (55 gal). This is an aggressive fish, and the minimum tank size of 210 litres is only acceptable with a trio of 1 male and 2 females. If you are planning on keeping more males, it is highly recommended to have a larger tank, 350 l/100 gal being the minimum. Males can also display aggression towards similarly-coloured fish of other species, for example Aulonocara or Placidochromis.

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Sciaenochromis Spilostichus Kande

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