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Malawi Cichlids

Pseudotropheus is a genus of rock dwelling (Mbuna) cichlids found in lake Malawi. Like some other large cichlid genera, such as cichlasoma, a number of related fishes have been recently re-assigned to different genera such as Tropheops or Maylandia .

Mbuna literally means "rockdweller" and this description accurately depicts the lifestyle of these cichlids which mostly live in rocky areas. Most Pseudotrophine cichlids are algal grazers in the wild.

Elongatus | Tropheops | Williamsi | Zebra

Pseudotropheus Aggressive Brown

Pseudotropheus Aggressive Blue

Pseudotropheus Aggressive Gray

Pseudotropheus Aggressive Gray Head

Pseudotropheus Aggressive Yellow Head

Pseudotropheus Aggressive Yellow Fin

Pseudotropheus Aggressive Zebra

Pseudotropheus Acei

Pseudotropheus Ater

Pseudotropheus Aurora

Pseudotropheus Aurora Yellow Chest

Pseudotropheus Aurora Mbweca

Pseudotropheus Black Dorsal

Pseudotropheus Burrower

Pseudotropheus Callainos

Pseudotropheus Crabro

Pseudotropheus Crabro Blue Stripped

Pseudotropheus Cyanceus

Pseudotropheus Daktari

Pseudotropheus Demasoni

Pseudotropheus Demasoni Mozambique

Pseudotropheus Deep Water

Pseudotropheus Estherae

Pseudotropheus Elongated

Pseudotropheus Elegans

Pseudotropheus Heteropictus

Pseudotropheus Galanos

Pseudotropheus Goldbreast Zebra

Pseudotropheus Fainzilberi Pombo Rocks

Pseudotropheus Flavus

Pseudotropheus Fuscoides

Pseudotropheus Fuscus

Pseudotropheus Flameback

Pseudotropheus Firethroat

Pseudotropheus Gracilior

Pseudotropheus Hajomaylandi

Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Yellow Lupingu

Pseudotropheus Kingsizei Maingano

Pseudotropheus Lanisticola

Pseudotropheus Lime Nkhomo

Pseudotropheus Longior

Pseudotropheus Lucerna

Pseudotropheus Lucerna Brown

Pseudotropheus Lombardoi

Pseudotropheus Lucerna Orange Head

Pseudotropheus Lucerna Orange Pearl

Pseudotropheus Macrophthalmus

Pseudotropheus Marmalade Cat

Pseudotropheus Membe Deep

Pseudotropheus Microstoma

Pseudotropheus Minutus

Pseudotropheus Modestus

Pseudotropheus Msobo Magunga Red

Pseudotropheus Msobo Magunga (Tanzania)

Pseudotropheus Novemfasciatus

Pseudotropheus Neon Spot

Pseudotropheus Ndumbi Gold

Pseudotropheus Polit

Pseudotropheus Polit Lions Cove

Pseudotropheus Purpuratus

Pseudotropheus Red Top Ndumbi

Pseudotropheus Red Dorsal

Pseudotropheus Red Fin

Pseudotropheus Socolofi

Pseudotropheus Socolofi Cobue

Pseudotropheus Saulosi

Pseudotropheus Species Acei Luwala Reef

Pseudotropheus Species Blue Yellow

Pseudotropheus Species Daktari Londo Mozambique

Pseudotropheus Species Deep Magunga

Pseudotropheus Species Kingsizei Londo Mozambique

Pseudotropheus Species Msobo

Pseudotropheus Species Msobo Neonspot

Pseudotropheus Species Msobo Deep

Pseudotropheus Species Msobo Silver

Pseudotropheus Species Dolphin (Tanzania)

Pseudotropheus Tursiops

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