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Malawi Cichlids

Melanochromis are typically small, slim but muscular fishes with lengthwise stripes of black, yellow and blue. They usually display strong sexual dichromatism. They are very aggressive, particularly amongst conspecifics and similarly patterned heterospecifics (such as Julidochromis). Thus, though they are popular aquarium fishes, they are not suited for beginners and community tanks.

The Difference between Melanochromis Johanni, Interruptus and Cyaernohabdos

Melanochromis Auratus

Melanochromis Blotch

Melanochromis Blue

Melanochromis Brown

Melanochromis Brevis

Melanochromis Chipokae

Melanochromis Dialeptos

Melanochromis Exasperatus

Melanochromis Interruptus

Melanochromis Johannii

Melanochromis Johannii Eastern

Melanochromis Joanjohnsonae

Melanochromis Labrosus

Melanochromis Loriae

Melanochromis Lepidiadaptes

Melanochromis Maingano

Melanochromis Melanopterus

Melanochromis Mellitus

Melanochromis Neon Spot

Melanochromis Northern Blue

Melanochromis Parallelus

Melanochromis Perspicax

Melanochromis Perileucos

Melanochromis Red Mbamba

Melanochromis Robustus

Melanochromis Robustus Mbenji

Melanochromis Simulans

Melanochromis Vermivorus

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