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Malawi Cichlids

Maylandia or Metriaclima is a genus of Haplochromine cichlids endemic to lake Malawi in east Africa. They belong to the Mbuna (rock-dwelling) Haplochromines. All species in this genus are relatively small fishes, less than 20 cm (7.9 in) in length. Like most lake Malawi cichlids, exhibit brood care via maternal mouthbrooding. Numerous members of the genus are traded as aquarium fish. They are attractive because they are brightly colored and often very sexually dimorphic; like other cichlids they are not suited for beginners and for most companion tanks.

Maylandia Aurora

Maylandia Barlowi

Maylandia Black Dorsal

Maylandia Benetos

Maylandia Callainos

Maylandia Chrysomallos

Maylandia Crabro

Maylandia Cyneusmarginata

Maylandia Elegans

Maylandia Emmiltos

Maylandia Estherae

Maylandia Fainzilberi

Maylandia Fainzilberi OB

Maylandia Flavifemina

Maylandia Greshakei

Maylandia Hajomaylandi

Maylandia Heteropicta

Maylandia Lanisticola

Maylandia Livingstonii

Maylandia Lombardoi

Maylandia Mbenjii

Maylandia Melabranchion

Maylandia Orange

Maylandia Patricki

Maylandia Phaeos

Maylandia Pursa

Maylandia Pyrsonotos

Maylandia Sandaracinos

Maylandia Species Zebra Gold Breast

Maylandia Species Zebra Hara

Maylandia Species Membi Deep

Maylandia Species Zebra Blue

Maylandia Species Zebra Gold Brest Orange Top

Maylandia Thapsinogen

Maylandia Xanstomachus Masinje

Maylandia Xanstomachus Nakantenga Island

Maylandia Xanstomachus

Maylandia Zebra

Maylandia Zebra BB

Maylandia Zebra Bevous

Maylandia Zebra Chilumba

Maylandia Zebra Chiofu Bay

Maylandia Zebra Galireya Reef

Maylandia Zebra Gold

Maylandia Zebra Kande Island

Maylandia Zebra Likoma Island

Maylandia Zebra Gold Lions Cove

Maylandia Zebra Long Pelvic

Maylandia Zebra Red Top Long Pelvic

Maylandia Zebra Ntekete

Maylandia Zebra Runo Mozambique

Maylandia Zebra Namalenje Island

Maylandia Zebra West Reef

Maylandia Zebra White Blaze Manda

Maylandia Zimbawe Rocks

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