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Malawi Cichlids

Maravichromis Species have been re-classified as Mylochromis

Maravichromis is a genus of medium to large, moderately aggressive fish from lake Malawi. Smaller species can be kept in aquariums from 55 gallons, whereas the larger species should not be kept in anything less than 75 gallons. They are omnivores, and are polygamous mouthbrooders.

Maravichromis Anaphyrmus

Maravichromis Epichorialis

Maravichromis Formosus

Maravichromis Kande

Maravichromis Incola

Maravichromis Labidodon

Maravichromis Lateristriga

Maravichromis Mchuse

Maravichromis Mola

Maravichromis Pointed Head

Maravichromis Sphaerodon

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