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Malawi Cichlids

Lethrinops is a genus of Haplochromine cichlids endemic to lake Malawi in east Africa. Particularly in the aquarium hobby, they are known as the sandeaters or sandsifters.

Lethrinops Albus

Lethrinops Albus Kande Island

Lethrinops Albus Torpedohead

Lethrinops Altus

Lethrinops Argenteus

Lethrinops Auritus

Lethrinops Black Fin

Lethrinops Borealis

Lethrinops Brevis

Lethrinops Christyi

Lethrinops Furcicauda

Lethrinops Furcifer

Lethrinops Gossei

Lethrinops Intermedius


Lethrinops Intermedius

Lethrinops Laticeps

Lethrinops Leptodon

Lethrinops Lituris

Lethrinops Lethrinus

Lethrinops Lunaris

Lethrinops Mbamba Bay

Lethrinops Macracanthus

Lethrinops Macrochir

Lethrinops Macrophthalmus

Lethrinops Marginatus

Lethrinops Micrentodon

Lethrinops Micrentodon Makokola

Lethrinops Microdon

Lethrinops Microstorma

Lethrinops Microstorma Gold

Lethrinops Microstorma Black Fin

Lethrinops Mylodon

Lethrinops Maylandi

Lethrinops Metangula

Lethrinops Oculatus

Lethrinops Oliveri

Lethrinops Parvidens

Lethrinops Polli

Lethrinops Praeorbitalis

Lethrinops Red Collar

Lethrinops Stridei

Lethrinops Species Longimanus

Lethrinops Species Longipinnis

Lethrinops Species Luhuchi

Lethrinops Species Namalenje Island

Lethrinops Species Nkhata Bay

Lethrinops Species Nyassae

Lethrinops Species Mbasi

Lethrinops Species Red Cap

Lethrinops Species Yellow Collar

Lethrinops Turneri

Lethrinops Trilineatus

Lethrinops Variabilis

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