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Cynotilapia Afra Metangula

The Afra has an elongate body with vertical blue and black bars. However, there are many different coloration patterns depending on the region the fish is from, for example, the male fish from Kobwe (usually seen spelled either Cobue or Cobwe) is shown in the picture to the right. The population from Jalo Reef show no yellow in the body but have a solid yellow dorsal fin. Other populations have no yellow highlights at all. Males can grow up to 10 cm., females usually somewhat smaller. Like most other cichlids from Lake Malawi, afras are mouthbrooders. Males defend territories near caves within the rock piles and feed from algae and micro-fauna on those rocks. Females congregate in mid-water and feed from plankton.

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Photograph © Copyright Carsten K. Larsen Used with Permission

Cynotilapia Afra Metangula

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